Learn to Improvise

Why Improvise? - Improvisation is for Everyone.


Intro to Impro


Would you like to...


Learn to be more creative and spontaneous

Improve your communication skills

Increase your confidence

Learn to act without a script

...have fun doing all of the above?





Impro is a skill anyone can learn.



How is it done?


Live improvisation is one of those skills that always prompts the 'how did they do that?' reaction. At its best, improvised performances can leave audiences suspecting that some or all of it was planned, but the acts are not 'cheating' by adapting old routines or slipping in bits of pre-planned script, they are actually making it up as they go along. Although improvised performances and performers can seem astounding, in fact, impro is a skill based on a deceptively simple set of guidelines. Accepting ideas is the golden rule of improvisation - every idea (or 'offer') must be acknowledged and then developed. From this basic beginning, we can then learn to shape and build upon this principle creating improvised games or scenes or even an entire improvised play. Becoming a good improviser takes practice. As in any skill, from playing a sport or a musical instrument, to touch-typing or using a word processor, practice and repetition are the ingredients for success - impro is no different. Anyone can learn to improvise - it's then up to practice to refine and develop the skillset we use.



What can I get out of an Improvisation Workshop?


At the risk of repeating things you’ve already read – you’ll really learn how to be more creative and spontaneous. Being totally “in the moment” and having all your focus on the here and now is the place you need to be to deliver your best “performance”. Whether it’s as an actor, or a sports star, or a delivering a presentation, or just making a meal. The past and the future only offer reason to worry the present moment is the place where you have more concentration and less fear of failure. Improvisation is all about bringing yourself to the present moment so you can instantaneously create ideas, scenes, characters and games together. To get up and create things from nothing with a team of people requires heightened listening, communication skills and trust (in others and yourself). It requires confidence and being prepared to take a little risk...and you can learn to do it all. Did we mention its fun too?



Do you have to be funny?


A lot of people say “I couldn’t do an improv class – I am not very funny”. Improvisation is not stand-up comedy. You don’t have to come up with a constant stream of one-liners – in fact quite often they get in the way. Improvisation does tend to produce humorous games and scenes – but there is room for every sort of creativity in an impro class. Storytelling... Characters... and yes occasionally one-liners too.



Come and find out where your creativity lies . . .


The essence improvisation is to be spontaneously creative – and anyone can learn to do it. (In fact unless you’re living your whole life with a script in your hand you’re doing it now – everyone is improvising all day long). We’ll show you have to refine those skills you already have to develop your ideas on the hoof more successfully and “be in the moment”.


It is also a good way to build confidence in yourself and your creativity. Also, impro is not a solo activity - it is about generating ideas and stories with another person or group of people so communication between all the participants are heightened and improved through the practice.


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