About ImproFest 2017

ImproFest UK - A Festival of Improvisation In London


Sunday 26th March to Saturday 1st April 2017


1 venue, 7 days, 19 shows!


Our aim is to capture the depth and diversity of improvisation in the UK, including new experimental formats as well as more established games and narrative shows.

The venue for Impro Fest UK 2017 - The Tristan Bates Theatre, 1a Tower Street, London WC2H 9NP.

Opened in 1994, the Tristan Bates Theatre is dedicated to the memory of Tristan Bates, son of Actors Centre patron Sir Alan Bates, an aspiring actor who died at the age of 19. An intimate studio theatre, the TBT has an acclaimed history of showcasing and supporting the best new work in the heart of Covent Garden. Over the past two decades the theatre has presented an extensive catalogue of performances and events spanning a wide range of genres.


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Do you want to perform as part of Impro Fest UK 2018?


Email: info@improfestuk.co.uk


Whether you have been improvising for years, or are a new group we want to hear from you!

If you're interested in taking part email us for more information about submitting your show: info@improfestuk.co.uk


Just some of the acts who performed at Impro Fest UK:
Hoopla, Music Box, The Maydays, The Improsarios, The Inflatables, Sprout, MissImp, The Scat Pack, Do Not Adjust Your Stage, Cagematch Improv, Improvisers Anonymous, Fat Kitten, Unexpected Human In Bagging Area, Women Who Wank, Upside Downtown, Neil Curran, Phil Lunn, Russell Hicks, Third Person, City Impro, Seance Fiction.

What is impro / improv / improvisation?


"Making it up as you go along"




"Playing it by ear"


"What those actors do on 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'"


It's all of the above...


'Impro' or 'improv' is acting without a script. It is about generating and then developing an idea, a story, or a scene from nothing.


Actors use impro skills to get into character as a means to an end. But impro can not only be a part of the process of developing a performance, but also the end product - the performance itself. Impro Fest UK brings together some of the best impro shows around.