Three Worlds



Friday 31st March – 8.00pm

Three Worlds

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The Show:

At the start of the show, audience members are invited to share their current concerns (personal, social or political), suggesting themes they would like to see improvised that night. Based on these suggestions, six actors create a vivid collage of intertwining stories often set in contemporary London. Characters from all walks of life are created through vignettes, monologues and richly dramatic scenes, centred on contemporary London but ranging through time and space. Comedy, drama, tragedy and farce collide as the stories build to a dramatic climax and themes consolidate. Finally, the audience is invited to nominate any of the strands that they would like to see a little more of, by way of completion and resolution.


"A beautifully dramatic show with stunning storylines" - ImproFestUK 2016

"I could not believe that it was total improvisation, because the standard of acting and dialogue was so breathtaking and yet utterly believable. I have seen several performances and each one has held and gripped the audience from beginning to end" - Janet Evans, audience member

"I remember thinking there must have been some kind of system but no way could I work it out, it was so slick" - Jo Alexander, audience member

"Very intense, good and truthful acting. All the actors were very convincing. I liked the simplicity of the form" - Mateusz Mirek, audience member

The Group:

Three Worlds is a London-based performance group specialising in dramatic improvisation led by Andrew St John. Since 2014, Three Worlds have performed at various venues across London, including ImproFestUK 2016, and have just completed two seasons of improvised shows at the Pineapple pub in Kentish Town.

Three Worlds Cast

What are your top three tips to be a good improviser?:

Accept what you are given. This comes from Keith Johnstone. When you get an impulse onstage use it. Don't judge it, don't reject it in the hope of something better, don't pretend you didn't have it. Give it. Give what you have, when you have it. Regardless.

Keep it simple. This comes from the great Chris Johnston (rest in peace Chris). Take one simple thing and develop it. Don't keep adding more ideas to find a "good" one. It's very easy to overcrowd an improvisation. 

Keep breathing. This comes from Frédérick Leboyer, the French obstetrician and author.  Breathing will keep your body more relaxed, it will help you listen better, keep you more aware and help you manage the pressure. It is not easy to breathe your way through an improvisation but it's worth making it your point of focus.