Improvisers Anonymous: In A Spin



Monday 27th March – 7.00pm

Improvisers Anonymous: In A Spin

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The Show:

Improvisers Anonymous encourage audience suggestions to begin scenes, locations, relationships, emotions, sound-effects and more. Look out for the unique ways suggestions are developed. The players use several old-time favourite games and some new ones to create funny situations and scenes on the spot.  As an audience member, you are able to help begin and shape the whole show. Short form improvisation allows several situations to be created and developed in the time allowed.

The Group:

The team have worked together for a number of years and their natural friendships offstage only adds to the trust and diverse characters onstage. There`s nothing like natural chemistry. Science teachers* all over the globe agree Improvisers Anonymous have excellent natural chemistry. (*survey of 2 teachers). Group, team, gang, bunch, pack, troop, syndicate.. all could describe the collection of individuals who form Improvisers Anonymous.

Improvisers Anonymous Cast

Cast: Caroline Duffy, David Selkirk, Jodyanne Fletcher Richardson, Katherine Beresford, Michael Buckster, Monica Gaga.

What are your top three tips to be a good improviser?:

Listening is key. It`s good to have ideas and suggestions but if your not in the moment, your audience will notice and you may be preventing the scene from flowing naturally.

Be creative. There are many ways to draw your audience in to your location and circumstances. Describe what you "see", be physical & visually engage your audience, don`t be afraid of mime.

There are no wrong offers (especially when a new scene is developing). It is better to confidently offer (physically or verbally) something which your team can engage with and expand than to offer nothing. Most importantly, ENJOY!!


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