Crime Scene Improvisation



Wednesday 29th March – 8.30pm

CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation

£ 10.00 (£7.00 Conc)    BOOK HERE

The Show:

Mirth meets murder in the world's daftest whodunnit. CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation is an utterly unique murder mystery comedy that's different every show. A rip-roaring crime comedy entirely made up on the spot to solve a surreal murder chosen by the audience. Who? What? How? The choice is yours. The problem is theirs!

No one knows who the killer is; not even the cast!

Following a sellout run at the Edinburgh Festival 2016 and Brighton Fringe Festival 2016 - CSI: Crime Scene Improvisation returns to central London, creating a 100% brand new who-dunnit every show to solve an outlandish murder invented by the audience.

Someone’s kicked the bucket. But who, what and how? The choice is yours. Help the CSI identify the victim and what caused their grizzly death. Then grab your detective hats and prepare to laugh as you meet the suspects, ask ANY questions you like in a line up and ultimately choose who's off to the clanger in the dramatic climax of this fully improvised and utterly mirthful murder mystery


"A spectacular must see" - Bunbury Magazine
"Spontaneous mastery" - - Fringe Biscuit
"C.S.I leave you feeling like you were part of something unique" ★★★★ - Everything Theatre
"A creative idea. Truly funny" ★★★★ - Remote Goat
"Innovative and ridiculously funny" - YPlan

The Group:

The CSI cast are based in London but often venture out of the city to tour comedy festivals and random towns who like a bit of a murder mystery. They are all actors and comedians who have been improvising for over 4 years.

They have been together for over three years and all like each other very much. Liking each other is a really important part of improvisation they say and saying yes and accepting the good times with the bad. They enjoy the spontaneous delight of how the audience are there final member. Keeping up with them and their discoveries is always fantastic. 

Cast: Alexandria Macleod, Lee Apsey, Sarah Kempton, Kayleigh Cassidy, Danielle Downey, Steve Bond, James Cann, Nicola Lucey and Rachel Thorn.

What are your top three tips to be a good improviser?:

Always mean yes in your response, welcome every moment as it changes in the scene and have fun.