The Spawn of Bourn
and ImprovZine Players



Wednesday 23rd March – 8.30pm

The Spawn of Bourn and ImprovZine Players

£ 10.00 (£7.00 Conc)    BOOK HERE Or BOOK on YPLAN

The 'Spawn of Bourn' Show:

Tamsyn Kelly & Cameron Blair spawn scenes bereft of caveats.

"“Masters of the people, Your multiplying spawn how can he flatter- That's thousand to one good one- when you now see" - William Shakespeare, The Tragedy of Coriolanus Act II, Scene II

"He had reason to look upon as so much spawn, to develop into the fish that were to come to his net" - Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

"These animals and their spawn are known to be immediately killed by sea-water" - Charles Darwin, The Origin of Species, Chapter XII

"I've seen a million faces and I've rocked them all" - Bon Jovi

Spawn Cast

Cast: Tamsyn Kelly & Cameron Blair.

The ImprovZine Show: 'Anything can happen in the next half hour'

A show with no script, no format and no ideas. All of which, with your help, will be resolved on the night. 

Spawn of Bourn Cast