Open Roads



Sunday 20th March – 4.30pm

Open Roads

£ 10.00 (£7.00 Conc)    BOOK HERE Or BOOK on YPLAN

The Show:

An improvised road trip movie about personal change driven by your song suggestions. Inspired by movies like Everything Is Illuminated, Y Tu Mama Tambien and Little Miss Sunshine. Based on the game Ribbon Drive by Avery Mcdaldno. Four people on a road trip. It doesn't matter where they're going to but only they're here together now. All their hopes and struggles will be strewn along the highway. It might be funny but it could be sad, angry or just plain beautiful. Give us your music, let's make a mixtape and head for open roads.

Open Roads Cast

Director: Michael Such
Assistant Director/Coach: Luke Beahan
Cast: Stephen Davidson, Erick Castellan, Vicki Pipe, Lizzy Mace .