Unexpected Human
in Bagging Area


Unexpected Human in Bagging Area



Friday 24th April – 9.30pm: Unexpected Human in Bagging Area





'Unexpected Human In Bagging Area' - devised by Nelson David and starring seasoned improvisers Chris Rowe and Alison Goldie – is loosely themed around the hot issues of contemporary existence. There’s even a search for the meaning of life itself. (Please note - if actual meaning of life is NOT revealed a no refund policy applies.)

Unexpected Human in Bagging Area

Cast: Nelson David, Chris Rowe and Alison Goldie.



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Tell us about your group

Nelson and Chris were in 90s group The Improfessionals. Alison was a member of Spontaneous Combustion. Nelson then wrote for Spitting Image, Rory Bremner etc. Chris Rowe worked with the likes of Clive Anderson, Bill Bailey, Lee Evans and Rebecca Front. Alison Goldie toured internationally with The Weird Sisters theatre company and her manual, The Improv Book: Improvisation for Theatre, Comedy, Education and Life is published by Oberon in June 2015.

What was the best piece of advice on improvisation you’ve ever been given?


Nelson: 20 plus years ago when by friend Paul said "I think you might enjoy these workshops I've found"
Chris: "Don't think, Impro".
Alison: ‘Don’t be concerned with what you yourself are going to do or say, just focus on what everyone else on stage (or the audience) is doing or saying and respond to them’. Impro Teacher of Yore, identity lost in the Mists of Time.

What is your favourite improvisation exercise and why?

Nelson: The 3-person expert (is that an exercise or a format?) because it almost always makes me fall about laughing.
Chris: The Alphabet exercise because it combines a strict framework with the freedom of improvisation - you can sense the audience going through the alphabet.
Alison: I love Status Reversals. A scene in which high becomes low and vice versa is an encapsulation of how comedy (and drama) works. It’s amazing how economically two players can achieve a satisfying piece just by yielding as the high character and taking advantage as the low. Impro-perfection!

What's your pre-show ritual/warm-up?

Nelson: Breathing.
Chris: Jumping around and breathing - at the same time!
Alison: Yogic flying.

Recommend a book on improvisation ...


Nelson: 'Improvisation and the Theatre' by Keith Johnstone (inevitably).

Chris: Same - is there another one?

Alison: The Improv Book: Improvisation for Theatre, Comedy, Education and Life written by me, Alison Goldie, to be published by Oberon Books this summer 2015.

Anything else you’d like to add about your show, your group, or improvisation or the world in general ...


Chris: Really looking forward to being part of ImproFestUK 2015, especially at such an exciting time for the genre.
Alison: ‘Improvising is wonderful. But, the thing is that you cannot improvise unless you know exactly what you're doing’. Christopher Walken, legend.