The Laughter Academy:
In Your Write Mind.


The Laughter Academy: In Your Write Mind

Thursday 23rd April – 8.30pm: The Laughter Academy: In Your Write Mind.


The Laughter Academy Proudly Presents

"In your Write Mind."

Two Creatives types, Seeking partners for MBA, For Hollywood project, GSOH required!

Two Wrongs don't make a Write!

The Laughter Academy Is the Brain Child of Lee Tearrell.

Lee has been doing Impro for over 27 years (Over 27 years FFS!), performed anywhere that would have him and taught Improvisation to anyone who'd let him! (Including Dave "Funnyside/ Sprout" Bourn!). He's the old, bitter one!

John Oakes was born to work in Comedy (Mr J.Oakes = Joakes!). An Improvisor, working Stand Up and member of Comedy Sketch Group Giraffe. He's the young, cute one!

Benjy Adams (The Big Bow Wow) Musician, Technician Magician, also Improvisor, just started doing Stand up and getting rave reviews for all of the above. He's the one Lee and John secretly hate!

The Laughter Academy

Cast: Lee Tearrell, John Oakes, Benji Adams.

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Tell us about your group

Established by Lee Tearrell in 2011. There are a core group of - Lee Tearrell/ John Oakes/ Ross Bishop/ Ali James/ Luke Mason/ Jamie Cranfield. Then there are guest players invited from a list too numerous to mention.