Not The Eyes.


Not The Eyes

Monday 20th April – 8.30pm: Not The Eyes.


Conjoined octuplets separated at birth, Not the Eyes are a Dublin-based improv troupe that manifested in Twenty Thirteen under the Zencouragement of Neil Curran, the Irish Improv scene’s own one-man army. Now a terrible beauty has been born - anarchy is loosed upon the world – as we’ve unleashed our joyful madness on Improvfest Ireland two years running, the Electric Picnic Festival, and venues all shapes and sizes littered through Dublin. We spend our days routinely performing as our selves, then drop the act and revel on stage in all our messy truths at night. It’s improv or it’s déjà vu."

Not the Eyes

Cast: Stephen Bradley, Rick Doody, Jessamyn Fairfield, Kevin Handy, Denise MacDermott, Nancy Richter.

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Tell us about your group

Not The Eyes were established in June 2013. We trained together under Neil Curran, and have performed over 30 shows together in a mix of theatrical, pub, and festival venues. Our specialty is long format improv with feeling, fantasy, and fun. Our players are Stephen Bradley, Rick Doody, Jessamyn Fairfield, Denny Farrell, Kevin Handy, Pearl O’Rourke, Phil Quinn, and Nancy Richter. Not The Eyes have featured in the Irish Times, Spin 103.8, Dublin City FM, and Trinity College Radio.

What was the best piece of advice on improvisation you’ve ever been given?

"Never back down." It’s the theme song to a 70’s cop show that doesn’t exist but that features one hell of a determined cop. We try to live by his rulebook. He threw out his rulebook.

What is your favourite improvisation exercise and why?

"Christopher Walken, where are you walkin’?” because it’s our newest game, and it’s giving everyone a chance to work on their Walken impression. Once everyone’s mastered his tongue we’ll move on to “Sir Anthony Hopkins, what are you choppin'?” or something to that effect.

What’s your pre-show ritual/warm-up?

We do trust exercises; share stories, we run warmup games; we rhyme, we sing, we dance; we do whatever we can to summon the silly and banish embarrassment. And now we all give a big welcome to the fear, our biggest fan, who now arrives with a familiar and friendly face.

Recommend a book on Improvisation

There are books on improvisation?! That would have made everything so much easier…

Anything else you’d like to add about your show, your group, improvisation, or the world in general?

Ideally we want to converge our show, the group, improvisation and the world in general all into one smooth and creamy concoction, seasoned and ready to consume as soon as it cools. Improv is alchemy.