Andy Smart's Impro All-Stars.


Andy Smart's Impro All-Stars

Thursday 23rd April – 7.00pm: Andy Smart's Impro All-Stars.


If you're a fan of the cult TV show ‘Whose Line is it anyway’ you will love this show with its rapid-fire wit and hilarious improvisation. Every show is unique and ingenuous with improvised unscripted sketches and routines based on audience suggestion.

With original ‘Whose Line’ cast members Steve Frost and Steve Steen and Comedy Store Players regular’s Andy Smart and Richard Vranch. Four brave performers arrive with no script and not the faintest idea of what will happen. Willed on by a supportive crowd (that’s you!), through improvisation they create sketches and comic dramas that are amazingly inventive and sometimes take off into flights of surreal brilliance.

Cast: Steve Frost, Steve Steen, Andy Smart, Richard Vranch.

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What was the best piece of advice on improvisation you’ve ever been given?

Andy: One word - 'Listen. Cos if you are not listening to what the other person is saying you are not going to build anything together. Listening is the most important tip!

When you were learning improvisation what exercises were useful or your favourites?

Andy: I didn’t really 'learn' it, I just started doing it on the street. It was pretty intense. If you weren’t any good the audience just walked away. We were doing improvisations based on film titles and we tried to keep all of them under two minutes – quick scenes. That way you couldn’t get too lost – we just kept it short at the start.

What’s your pre-show ritual/warm-up?

Andy: A couple of pints, bit of a chat about what you’ve been up to that week, then go on. Especially with Frostie, (Steve Frost) then it’s probably three or four pints.

Recommend a book on Improvisation

Andy: I have never read a book on improvisation. Keith whats-his-name he has written one hasn’t he? Say that one.

Anything else you’d like to add about your show, your group, improvisation, or the world in general?

Andy: I was thinking about this one in the bath today and it was making me laugh. We were doing a show at Sheffield comedy festival at the Playhouse and someone shouted out Wizard of Oz. Steve Frost immediately ran and got the massive velvet curtain and wrapped it around himself and hiding inside it started shouting ‘Don’t look at the man in the curtain! Don’t look at the man in the curtain!’ I couldn’t stop laughing for about five minutes. It was so stupid!