The Sinister Tales of Dr. Synistra.


The Sinister Tales of Doctor Synistra



Monday 24th March – 7pm: The Sinister Tales of Doctor Synistra



“Whoever wears the hat tells the tale. Whoever wears the hat is Doctor Synistra.”


Doctor Synistra (a host with many faces, but only one name) directs the tale of horror on stage. Taking suggestions from the audience (a location, a monster, an object or, even, method of death) and weaving it into stories where the cast and audience discover what happens at the same time. The tales will take us on twists and turns, laughter and terror (and it is all improvised).


The show was inspired by old Universal Horror films, Hammer Horror Films, Creepshow and Tales of the Crypt (The Crypt keeper character was an inspiration for Dr Synistra). Horror gives us the scope to be bold and melodramatic and then to be serious and quiet. It's our goal to make it a great experience for the audience. WOOOH HA Ha ha haaaaa! (did I mention melodramatic).


The Sinister Tales of Dr Synistra


Cast: Antony Noad, Andy Childs, Gerard Carroll, Luc Valvona and Neil Goulder



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Tell us about your group

The Group started in January 2013, from the fevered brain of Antony Noad, and made its debut in February 2013 at Hoopla's Crash Pad at The Miller, London Bridge. The very first story was, "The Post Office of Doom!" Since then they have been performing regularly and were very proud to perform at the London Horror Festival for 2 nights with the brilliant MusicBox. The group will continue to grow, change and continuously experiment (and to keep a dark playful attitude).



What was the best piece of advice on improvisation you’ve ever been given?


Antony: "Everything you do on stage is an offer." That was a mind expanding sentence that made me more aware of my body language on stage: what I was doing, how I was doing it. And it made me aware of my stage partner's body language too. It increased my awareness (okay, I'm still working on it).
Gerry: "Even the weirdest of weirdoes have feelings".



What is your favourite improvisation exercise and why?

Antony: I have a soft spot for "three line scenes."
Gerry: "Word at a time story" two headed version.



What's your pre-show ritual/warm-up?

Gerry: For our show, listening to Symphony of Death by German metal band.
Grave Digger Antony: We did, for a laugh, invoke the spirit of Santa before a show. I think it was a spelling mistake though.


Recommend a book on improvisation ...


Antony: Other than the usual (my game changer from so many years ago) Keith Johnstone's "Impro", for me it was Stephen King's "Danse Macabre".

Gerry: "The Dice Man" by Luke Rhinehart



Anything else you’d like to add about your show, your group, or improvisation or the world in general ...


Antony: This group has taught me so much about improv. I fully recommend to any improviser, who has the passion to perform, to get out there and create their own group and perform. Just do it!