Neil Curran: Neil + 1.


Neil Curran: Neil +1



Saturday 29th March – 6pm: Neil Curran: Neil +1.



Neil+1 is a unique Improv show featuring Neil and a random audience member! Completely unplanned and unrehearsed, and audience member is invited up on stage to become part of the show. The show takes us on a journey exploring stories, characters and sometimes an the life of the audience member! No two shows are ever the same...


"Neil and his +1 were superb!"

- Dave Madden,


"Such skill, hilarious! 5 stars!"

- Daniella Moyles, iRadio Presenter/Model


Neil Curran


Cast: Neil. And a +1. I don't know who that is yet. But he or she is out there somewhere. We'll all find out on the night! The +1 is picked live.



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Tell us about your group

Neil has been performing and teaching Improv for many years and has performed Neil+1 both in Ireland and abroad. Neil also performs with Dublin's Coastbusters Comedy Improv, a troupe with a number of different shows. Previously Neil has performed Improv at festivals including TedFest and Body & Soul Festival as well as in the UK, Belgium, China and the US. Neil is founder and artistic director of Improv Fest Ireland.



What was the best piece of advice on improvisation you’ve ever been given?


There are so many great things but Marshall Stern and Nancy Howland Walker's teachings have always stuck with me. I am always conscious of my emotions and how I feel in a scene. If you have nothing else in improv, you still have your emotions. Its become my bread and butter.



What is your favourite improvisation exercise and why?

Never underestimate the power of warm up exercises or ice breakers in a workshop. My favourites vary but at the moment its "Sevens". Its a fun, energetic game where failing is celebrated. No one really cares if you are the best at it, we always remember when it goes wrong!



What's your pre-show ritual/warm-up?

I keep it simple. Breathing exercises and a cup of tea. Probably a bit of tweeting too.



Recommend a book on improvisation ...


Jill Bernard's "Small Cute Book On Improv" has been a fun read this past year.



Anything else you’d like to add about your show, your group, or improvisation or the world in general ...


I am serious about my tea. That includes tea made for me in an Improv scene. Make sure its strong....