Nathan Improv.


Nathan Improv: Kevin Mullaney's Cagematch



Friday 28th March – 6.30pm: Nathan Improv: Kevin Mullaney's Cagematch.



Ludus Ludius (Bristol, England) vs C3467X (London, England) It's riotously dangerous improv comedy when two mighty teams of warriors take to the stage to prove who is better! A no-holds-barred competition. Anything but fidlding the clock, kicking Kentucky-fried chicken and the wearing of a lucha libre mask is possible. Each with their 20 minutes to dazzle and flex their muscles. The audience votes on the winner via secret ballot. The winner stays on and firmly grips their position as Cagematch Champions until a Herculean squad of funnies takes umbrage. Valiant in their humour and wit, the champions will reign King or Queen for their audience.



Cast: Performed by Chris Mead, Katy Schutte, Jonathan Monkhouse.
Music improvised by Tom Adams.
Technical Improvisation by Matt Nicholls.



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Tell us about your group is Nathan Keates, producer of the annual event of the Kevin Mullaney's Cagematch (not affiliated with UCB) in the Impro Fest UK. He is a teacher, improviser, clown and researcher.



What was the best piece of advice on improvisation you’ve ever been given?


The clairty on offer, the better [paraphrased].



What is your favourite improvisation exercise and why?

Goalie is so useful to twise your teaching needs, quick, mostly, and gets everyone to experience the task.



What's your pre-show ritual/warm-up?

Depends on the show and the frequency of the format being performed, but generally get into a playful mood and engage in the group: we could have a conversation; play a game; play in general; or even run a scene.



Recommend a book on improvisation ...


'Improvise: Scenes from the Inside Out' by Mick Napier - read the thoroughly mentioned ones first and then after a while turn to this one. There are so many though.



Anything else you’d like to add about your show, your group, or improvisation or the world in general ...


It makes me so happy that this is the third year that this production has been put on in the festival making it an annual competition. Ludus Ludius 3 - 0 C3467X, what will happen?