Glitch: Improvised Puppet Show.


Glitch: The Improvised Puppet Show



Monday 24th March – 8.30pm: Glitch: The Improvised Puppet Show



Glitch is a narrative improvised puppet show. Using a type of traditional Japanese table-top “Bunraku” puppetry, mixed with a more modern Muppet style. We strive to tell epic, compelling and adventures stories in a unique visual style, all made up on the spot from an audience suggested title. Expect singing monsters, dancing monkeys and swearing rodents…maybe.


Glitch the Improvised Puppet Show


Cast: Constantine Pavlou, Sanjay Shelat, Charlie Dinkin, Lucy Fennell Knowles, Lewis Harrison-Barker, Iestyn Evans, Conor Jatter, Mike Hutcherson.



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Tell us about your group

We are collection improvisers united by a love puppetry and storytelling. Glitch has been going for 2 years but everyone in the group were performing for many years before that in other groups and studying around the world, clocking up over 40 years experience between us. Lots of trained clowns amounts us and on the puppetry side, experience with touring children’s theatres, large-scale Disney stage productions, TV shows and a Muppet movie or two! We all spend way too much time talking about Pixar films.



What was the best piece of advice on improvisation you’ve ever been given?

In a workshop I was at when I was just starting out in improv, Lee Simpson said something to the affect of “Trust your scene partner. They are a genius. They have all the answers and are there for you”, it stuck with me. When everyone on stage feels that way about each other then beautiful things happen.



What is your favourite improvisation exercise and why?

We made up an exercise called “Fuck Yeah!!” (Feel free to hash or star out a few of those letters should you wish). In turns we say a thing we’ve done recently, it may be a boring real life event or a completely made up fantasy, i.e. “I ate waffle this morning” or “I just rode a unicorn to the moon with Noel Edmonds” anything, as long as its not negative. Then the rest of the group cheer, hoot, clap, high-5 as if it’s the best news they have ever heard. It’s fun to quickly come up with a statement but more fun to loudly support nonsense. It gets you thinking fast and unites a group in positivity.



What's your pre-show ritual/warm-up?

It mostly consists of us going outside, making a lot of noise and running around like idiots. As technical and hard we make our rehearsals, when it comes to a show day we try to keep it light and fun. We’ll play some games, there is a exercise I’ve stolen from Dr Brown where one of us makes a repetitive noise and physical action then the rest of the group copies it, it gets passed to the next person who’ll evolve it in to a new noise and action that we all copy, and so on around the circle. We get a lot of funny look on the street outside pubs.



Recommend a book on improvisation ...

Personally I’d recommend not reading a book about improvisation. I’ve read a lot of them and always feel I got very little out of it and wasted my time. I find these lifeless manuals to often be a little sterile and uninspiring. You’ll get more out of just doing it. Go to a jam or do a class, go see some live, talk and think about it. That’s what I’d recommend, but my family we’re all killed by books so I’m biased.



Anything else you’d like to add about your show, your group, or improvisation or the world in general ...


Never jump in front of a moving bus.