The Rubiks.


The Rubiks



Tuesday 26th February – 7.30pm:   The Rubiks


A fun energetic mish mash mix of games, audience suggestions and narrative scenes.

Nine performers (six women and three men) mean the comedy will be coming fast and furious ending in a tangled narrative web! This accomplished band of actors have more bite than an angry ferret. Enter into the weird and wonderful improvised world of The Rubiks.


Cast: James Wordsworth, Kat Merton, Lauren Potter, Luke Cousins, Michael Jinks, Aimée Gardner, Oriana Charles, Tiffanni Thompson, Corrinne Haynes



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Tell us about your group

With no script we step onto the stage. There is not one side to us, there are endless possibilities!.



How did you discover improvisation?

From the dragon people



What’s the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of in the last year?

Lauren's reoccurring coconuts. Clarence the talking gravestone. Neville the invisible dragon.



What are your top three impro tips?

Relax, do not pre-plan, have lots of fun, use your imagination, don't worry if you can't count to three.



Recommend a book on improvisation ...

Fifty Shades of Grey



Write you own question on improvisation and give an answer ...
“Who or what will you be today? ”


We don't know.