Racing Minds.


Racing Minds: Aaaand Now for Something Completely Wireless



Sunday 3rd March – 9.00pm: Racing Minds: Aaaand Now for Something Completely Wireless


No wires – no script! Four dashing gents join the twinkly fingers of a virtuoso musician (and an improvising sound-effects man) to conjure, from nothing, a 50’s-style comic radio-play! Old-fashioned microphones, sharp suits, greased hair... all the hallmarks of classic radio adventures with one unique twist: this time the audience is in charge. The radio just went live.



Racing Minds


Cast:Dougie Walker, Daniel Roberts, Chris Turner and Tom Skelton, with piano maestro Dylan Townley and David Hughes our faithful foley artist.



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Tell us about your group

The four pillars of Racing Minds met as members of Edinburgh Fringe stalwarts The Oxford Imps and soon discovered a shared passion for punnery and pedantry. Their distinctive brand of endearingly unpolished long-form improvisation has seen their Boy's Own Adventure-style signature show 'Aaaand Now For Something Completely Improvised' become one of the hits of the Free Festival in Edinburgh, scoring "sellout" Fringes in 2011 and 2012. For visual reference: Dougie has a massive beard, Tom has a bit of one, Daniel is generally beardless and Chris doesn't even have a chin (it's alright - it's his joke).



How did you discover improvisation?

DOUGIE: We all discovered it at uni didn't we. Just thought it would be a laugh. How right we were.
DANIEL: I had never even heard of improvisational comedy, let alone seen it, but I was desperate to get involved in some sort of comedy at university, and to audition for the Oxford Revue you had to have
written something first. I think as someone worried about whether people would find me funny or not that's what was most attractive about improv: you got to know instantly whether your idea was a funny one. Instant gratification, that's what I'm in it for.



What’s the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of in the last year?

DANIEL: They hardly need the plaudits, but probably Austentatious! Warm, witty, intricate and carefree - just how improv should be.



What are your top three impro tips?

DOUGIE: Know the people you are on stage with. Don't make anyone you are on stage with look like an idiot. Make decisions.


Recommend a book on improvisation ...

CHRIS: 'Truth in Comedy' is a great book.

DANIEL: Could you flesh out that book recommendation - why is it good?

CHRIS: It's short, a nice shape and has 3 authors. Plus it's less than £10.

DANIEL: Have you read it?

CHRIS: Cover to cover. Front one, then the back. I can't remember it, but I'm sure it made me better.


Write you own question on improvisation and give an answer ...
DOUGIE: “What is good about improv compared to other types of comedy?”


DOUGIE: When I do a good improv show the material is as fresh and funny for me as it is for the audience.

DANIEL: That’s Dougie’s way of saying he finds himself exceptionally funny.