It's a Comedy! : Sketch Show.


It's a Comedy! : Sketch Show



Sunday 3rd March – 2.00pm: Its a Comedy! : Sketch Show


It's mainly stuff we find funny, write down in a little book, then write up in a Word Document and print it off. From there, we read it out loud in a circle, rehearse it, argue a little bit about artistic integrity, painstakingly go over every movement, reaction, inflection and line to make it as funny as possible.


From there, we wonder where the money will come from to buy some of the props and costume, will probably "borrow" a few things as a result, live off bread and water for a week leading up, then perform it.


That's the gist of it anyway.



Cast: Stuart Benson, Louise Guntert, Angela Eyton, Martin Sales, Kelly Griffiths, Edward Daw.



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Tell us about your group

We are sponsored by a skincare and beauty company, and are paid per laugh. i.e. the more we make your face wrinkle, the more we get paid. True story, only we have a non-disclosure agreement about which company it is, but it's a major one.



How did you discover sketch comedy?


As a defense against school bullies.



What’s the most memorable sketch comedy you've ever seen?

Ours. You wouldn't believe how many times we go through it before its ready for public consumption.



Anything else you'd like to add?


Please do not feed the cat baby.