ImproFest Opening Ceremony '13.


ImproFest - The Opening Ceremony 2013



Monday 25th February – 7.30pm:   ImproFestUK – The Opening Ceremony!


Its the first show of Impro Fest 2013 so we have special opening event featuring a mix of performers from shows across the festival as well as some bonus preview improvisations. Guests include member of The Improsarios, Sprout, Music Box, Upstairs Downton and more. Expect some surprises and plenty of fun! This show is approx 1 hour 50 with an interval.

STOP PRESS - "The Conversation" special guest show at The Opening Ceremony.
The art of conversation is dying, they claim, but the objective of John Voce and Michael Legge is to revive it. With nothing but two chairs and a reason to talk, a completely spontaneous and hilarious chat based on whatever the audience wants.

Recommend a book on improvisation ...

Dave Bourn: There are loads of great books out there about Impro – “Impro” by Keith Johnstone is probably my favourite and I dip into it regularly but here are six for your consideration.

"Impro : Improvisation and the Theatre'

"Truth in Comedy: Manual of Improvisation" by Charna Halpern and Del Close

"Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out" by Mick Napier

"Improvisation for Theater" by Viola Spolin and Paul Sills

"How to Improvise a Full-length Play: The Art of Spontaneous Theatre" by Kenn Adams

"The Improvisation Game: Discovering the Secrets of Spontaneous Performance" by Chris Johnston