Foghorn Improv: Movie Makeover.


Foghorn Improv: Movie Makeover



Friday 1st March – 9.00pm: Foghorn Improv: Movie Makeover


Got a favourite movie? Come see Foghorn Improv shamlessly plagarise the plot. We'll improv recycle your favourite film scenes creating tall tales to order. Want Thelma and Louise in an old people's home? Star Wars in a local council office? You, the audience are the producers and talent scouts and we, Foghorn Improv and our merry band of improvisers, the poor actors in this show of improvised movie mayhem.



Foghorn Improv


Cast: Kit Murdock, Claire Corfield, Craig Deeley, Lee Dempsey, Matt Vaughan Wilson.



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Tell us about your group

Foghorn Improv is a group of ten performers who meet weekly and perform monthly. We're based in Birmingham and really, really lucky to have the lovely support of the Old Joint Stock Theatre in the centre of town.

We're gradually moving from short-form games to short-form-narrative and hopefully one day to long form (shhhh - don't tell our audiences). We're a mad mix of actors, comedians, debt-advise-trainers, historical re-enactors and computer programmers - we have an age range of over thirty years!



How did you discover improvisation?

Kit: I wanted to be a theatre director and I was doing lots of thing to make myself a well rounded director. I studied stage combat, singing , pole-dancing, movement and then finally I took a weekend improv workshop. After two days I was hooked! Absolutely nothing beats the moment when something is created from nothing and it surprised not only the audience but you yourself. I've since made the final move to improv - it's now my main focus, but I'm still desperate to perform in a full length longform improvised play..



What’s the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of in the last year?

Kit, Matt and less all said exactly the same moment! But Matt wrote it the best:
Six of us got together in Birmingham to workshop Kenn Adams' book 'How to Improvise a Full-length Play' one weekend in December. We've been interested in longform for a long time and were keen to try Adams' approach, which is much more theatrical and narrative than most longform. We took a day and a half to work through the exercises and ideas in the book, then rounded it off by improvising four 30-minute plays. They were definitely the most substantial and dramatically satisfying improvised pieces I've been involved in.



What are your top three impro tips?

1. Lee: Be Specific - name him, her, it
2. Claire: Listen, Listen, Listen
3. Matt: This is one is from Lloydie of MissImp - if you get stuck in a scene and you don't know what to say, just say what your character is feeling. It's a great way to reconnect and cut the waffle.



Recommend a book on improvisation ...

Matt: One? ONE! What is this - Desert Island Improv? I'm going to go with Mick Napier's 'Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out' but there are so many great books now, including The Improv Handbook and How to Improvise a Full-length Play to name just a couple.



Write you own question on improvisation and give an answer ...
“What 3 things should you never do onstage?”


1. Leave your audience behind by being surreal or self indulgent

2. Rely on shouting or swearing

3. Make constant gags!



Anything else you'd like to add?


Matt: There's a growing improv scene in Birmingham including several groups, lots of performances and regular workshops. It's great to be a part of it..