Call of Improv.


Call of Improv



Sunday 3rd March – 4.00pm: Call of Improv


These soldiers of the future fight with nothing but creativity, spontaneity and charm. Come and join them on a journey through the landscape of improvised games and scenes.

Drilled and unrehearsed to perfection! Who can stand against the “Call of Improv”?



Call of Improv


Cast: Callum Hill, Ashleigh Edwards, Georgina Jackson, Leah Godbald, Annie Holmes, Craig Smith, Luke Shenton-Sharp, Ceirios Davies, Kevin Fagan.



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Tell us about your group


Call Of Improv is an improvisation troupe based in Ealing, West London and is comprised of a diverse group of actors from across the UK and Ireland who met at during University. Other skills include singing, dancing, and a wonderful massage.



What are your top three impro tips?

1. Keep it simple!
2. Every idea is a good idea
3. Never try to be funny, it will come naturally!



Anything else you'd like to add?


Call of Improv are very excited to be performing at Improfest, and hope this is the start of a very fun and exciting journey. Enjoy the show!