The Sketch Show Show.

The Sketch Show Show - Scripted Sketch Comedy



See this show at 7.30pm Saturday 10th March 2012

Some of the top comedy writers combine with some of the best comic actors on the circuit to create the ever popular “Sketch Show Show”. A mix of their most successful sketches and their latest creations make this a show not to be missed!


Cast: James Brunskill, Lille Collier, Martyn Hill, Giles Tebbitts



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Tell us about your group/cast/background in comedy

James and Giles met almost ten years ago at an evening class on sketch comedy at the City Lit. James has been trying to shake Giles off ever since but he is chronically polite. Giles is a persistent nuisance and has no idea James feels this way. Giles thinks they are the best of friends. "We are not!" says James. They have however almost managed to shake off the third member of the group, Paul, who is probably the most tedious of all, and continually talks about when he is famous. They learned absolutely nothing on the course, and have learned nothing since, which they hope will come through in their performances tonight. They have started working with Martyn and Lillie much more recently, who they will be relying on to provide the talent, expertise, professionalism, organisation and not least comedy


Tell us about your show

During the show you will come across a vicar being heckled by a doubting Thomas at Easter and Christmas services, a camp German trying to sell a cleaning product on a shopping channel, two random sketches about the colour yellow, bashing the bankers about bonuses, Mr Ron and his tool, booking a train over the telephone, the antiques road show and downloading porn. The last two sketches are in no way related.


List 3 things you learnt (or bits of advice you’ve received) that made you a
better performer/writer.

See above.


Recommend a book on comedy or impro...

Peter Cook's biography by Harry Carpenter
Mein Kampf by A doll for hit her


Write you own question on comedy and give an answer ...

“Who lives on the Ning Nang Nong and how do they go?”


Cows - bong
Monkeys - boo