The Real MacGuffins.

The Real MacGuffins - Scripted Sketch Comedy



See this show at 3pm Saturday 10th March 2012

The Real MacGuffins are Dan March, Jim Millard and Matt Sheahan. They have performed sketch comedy across the country including sell out runs at the Edinburgh, Leicester, Brighton and Bath Comedy Festivals and have supported comedians including Stewart Lee, Dave Gorman, and Tim Vine.


"**** Hysterically funny...utterly inspired" - FEST


"Charmingly foolish" - THE TELEGRAPH


"***** Insanely witty writing" - THREE WEEKS


"**** Brilliantly well-crafted" - CHORTLE


They have had two highly successful - multi-5 star Edinburgh Festival shows directed by comedy guru director Cal McCrystal (The Mighty Boosh) and have been touring this year's show: The Real MacGuffins: Skitsophrenic, to packed crowds.



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Tell us about your group

We’re The Real MacGuffins, formed in 2008 – there’s Jim, the handsome one and Dan, the boisterous one...oh hang on, there's another one, what's his name? Matt? Is that right? I think so. Dan found him in a cardboard box so he’s more like a pet than a person. Anyway, Jim and Dan have known each other for years. They’ve both enjoyed hugely successful acting careers independently, so successful in fact they decided to join forces and go into comedy. Matt sort of hangs around like a bad smell, literally, but he is useful for carrying stuff.


Tell us about your show

Well we’ve got material from two 5-star sell-out Edinburgh shows to choose from and we might even throw in a bit of new stuff too. It’s going to be a real Real MacGuffins comedy treat. A chaotic hour of japeyness, wittery, jesticulation and other made up words - the perfect afternoon tipple for funaholics.


List 3 things you learnt (or bits of advice you’ve received) that made you a
better performer/writer.

1. Never listen to Matt
2. He who shouts the loudest, is the loudest shouter
3. Any idea is a good long as Dan thought of it.


Recommend a book on comedy or impro...

Matt recommends The Ha, Ha Bonk Joke Book. He liked it when he was eight because it referred to the sound of a man laughing his head off. Ironically, it now also accurately describes his love life.


Write you own question on comedy and give an answer ...

“Q: I say, I say, I say, who would you say is the greatest comedy act currently performing on the circuit at 3pm at The Lion & Unicorn on Saturday March 10th? ”


A. The Real (and shameless) MacGuffins