The Improthon.

The Improthon



See this show at 5pm Sunday 11th March 2012

Take a mix of some of the best improvisers from the festival add suggestions from ALL the audience to create a improvise mayhem with over 50 scenes created in an hour. Culminating in the amazing backwards narrative – telling a story from the end to the beginning. It’s a mad, fast, and exciting experience of on the spot creativity!


Cast: Cameron Blair, Dave Bourn, James Brunskill, Lillie Collier



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Tell us about your group

Cameron Blair: Our group is a mix of improvisers, stand-ups, actors, and anyone else not in gainful employment at the moment.


Tell us about your show

Its scenes! Lots and lots of scenes. Based on things written down by the audience. If there is no audience we will write down the things but its not so much fun.


How did you discover improvisation?

Through a friend at school. His name was William. Not sure what happened to him


What's the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of?

I’ve seen some stand ups improvise themselves out of tricky situations. I’ve also seen an audience member improvise a rap in a "rap off" with a comic and the punter was brilliant - no one was expecting it


List 3 things you learnt (or bits of advice you’ve received) that made you a better improvier.

1. Take risks.
2. Listen.
3. Don't recreate a past scene.


Recommend a book on improvisation...

I've never read one.


Write you own question on comedy and give an answer ...

“What is your favourite Impro Game?”


Backwards Freeze Tag!