Fresh, Live and Dead.

Fresh, Live and Dead - The Improsarios



See this show at 9pm Thursday 8th March 2012

Following their success at the London Horror Festival, this highly-skilled company of actors will create a brand new comedy horror in one night. Now established as one of London's top improvisation groups, they have performed at venues across the UK, including The Lyric Studio in Hammersmith, The Old Vic Tunnels, Exeter Phoenix Black Box, The Bike Shed Theatre, The Courtyard and Theatre503.


“They did the damn near impossible: build a story of length that works … great performances.” - HARRY GILES, THEATRE DIRECTOR


“Comedy, where the cock-ups were as hilarious as the on cue and in-sync acting”


Cast: Tai Lawrence, Tanroh Ishida, Alexander Chard, Neil Connolly, Jonathan Peck, Nanou Harry, Felix Woods, Hetty Burton



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Tell us about your group

Tai Lawrence: We started in 2008 and are a company of actors from all over the globe. We have performed all over the UK and our focus is improvised plays.


Tell us about your show

An improvised horror play - likely to contain scenes of death, violence and screaming.


How did you discover improvisation?

I saw Baby Wants Candy and The Improverts at the Edinburgh Festival and then became part of the first group of The Oxford Imps.


What’s the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of?

Most recently, seeing Canadian improvisers Ryan Millar (Marbles), Steve Sim (Crumbs) and Allen Morrison at Catch 23 at The Millar. I could try and describe it but you had to be there really - it was a masterclass.


List 3 things you learnt (or bits of advice you’ve received) that made you a better improviser.

1. Commit and keep matter how bad you think the first idea is.
2. In longer improvisations don't be afraid to kill superfluous plot or characters otherwise you may create more problems than you need.
3. Be specific.


Recommend a book on improvisation...

“The Improv Handbook” by Tom Salinsky and Deborah Frances-White


Write you own question on improvisation and give an answer ...

“Does accepting mean you always have to say yes?”