Do Not Adjust Your Stage.

Do Not Adjust Your Stage



See this show at 9pm Sunday 11th March 2012

Tired of the same old TV? Then tune into a brand new television schedule commissioned by you! Do Not Adjust Your Stage is an improvised comedy show inspired by the nation's television obsession. Flicking back and forth between programmes inspired by the audience, we'll create brand new soaps, documentaries, dramas and reality shows. The only improv show that puts you back in control of your tv - no repeats, guaranteed!


“A really cool new format...incredibly popular” – LONDON IMPROV


Cast: Matt Smith, Nick Oram, Tim Grewcock, Rhys Collier, Rhiannon Vivian, Dan Attfield.



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Tell us about your group

Nick Oram: About half of Do Not Adjust Your Stage met at university where we were the founders of another Impro group (The Shrimps) which is still going strong today. The other half are other fantastic improvisers we have met along the way in London. We formed Do Not Adjust Your Stage about a year ago and are bloody loving it.


Tell us about your show

Our show is exciting, fun, sexy, and bombastic. Seriously though, I think you'll like it.


How did you discover improvisation?

Most of us were taught by an astro-physicist called Demitri Muna (real name). He moved from the US to Sheffield to look for dark matter. He never found dark matter but he did teach us everything we know.


What's the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of?

At this festival when Shaun fell off the stage, Nick broke a light and Luke ran away.


List 3 things you learnt (or bits of advice you’ve received) that made you a better improviser.

1. Don't fall off the stage.
2. Don't break a light.
3. If you do either of the above, then do run away.


Recommend a book on improvisation...

Unfortunately none of us read improv books. We're waiting for the film.


Write you own question on comedy and give an answer ...

“What's the secret of improvisation?”


It's a secret.