Confessions - The Maydays



See this show at 7.30pm Thursday 8th March 2012

The show where you see your very own stories and secrets turned into comedy before your eyes. Award-winning, critically acclaimed improv comedians The Maydays and their awe-inspiring musician create this completely improvised show using only their wits and the audience's confessions. At the start you’ll have the chance to share your stories anonymously (or openly!).Everything including the dialogue, words, music and “choreography” is completely made up on the spot. This is improv like you've never seen before!


“***** They’re funny, confident, imaginative, charming and not afraid of making themselves look ridiculous. They will turn your secrets and stories into something to make you laugh your socks off. Go see them if you can. And take along a juicy confession or two” - FRINGE REVIEW


CastDave Waller, Rhiannon Vivian, Katy Schutte, Liz Peters, Jason Blackwater, Jenny Rowe, Heather Urquhart, Rob Wilson, Alexis Gallagher, John Cremer, Jules Munns, Joe Samuel, Rebecca MacMillan



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Tell us about your group

Dave Waller: We're a Brighton-based long-form group that's been running for seven years. We've won awards and had successful Edinburgh runs, and stage regular shows in Brighton and London.


Tell us about your show

We take real life confessions from the audience and turn them into hilarious scenes and songs.


How did you discover improvisation?

Doing a stand-up course in 2003 at the Amused Moose. Teacher Logan Murray used the book Impro by Keith Johnstone as a way to get people to play. I was rubbish at it. Five years later I was experimenting with what would happen if I went teetotal and I got thinking about that book again, so I ordered it online. Then I realised it was dumb just reading about impro when I could probably take classes somewhere - I found a course at Sprout Ideas and I have only periodically looked back.


What’s the most memorable improvisation you have seen or been part of?

Hmm difficult. Possibly Josh Darcy ventriloquising the Gastromancer, a sage who channelled the spirit of Michael Jackson through his rumbling gut. That or the finale of the Sticking Place London 50-hour improvathon in 2011 - a buddy cop death scene between Paul Foxcroft and Donovan Workun. Lack of sleep and copious booze left Donovan questioning the line between fiction and reality. When he started threatening to punch people it was as gripping as it was genuinely unsettling.


List 3 things you learnt (or bits of advice you’ve received) that made you a better improviser.

1. It's about the relationship betwen the characters, not the event itself.
2. Be paranoid: find significance in every act or word you see or hear and react to it.
3. Talk about things other than improv.


Recommend a book on improvisation...

I'm guessing other people will have covered all the classics (mine would be Mick Napier's “Improvise: Scene from the inside out” - good for presenting a twist on the usual 'rules'). But why read when you can do it yourself? Instead I reckon everyone should read “A Love Supreme” by Ashley Kahn, the story of the making of John Coltrane's classic jazz album. It's ace: a true story of addiction and redemption that illustrates the rewards that come with honing your craft and finding your own way.


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